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Thailand Investments, Pattaya
from 1,700,000 baht
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タイの不動産: パタヤ, ホアヒン, サムイ島, プーケット, チェンマイ, クルンテプ

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販売 賃貸 -

スタジオ スタジオ 37 平方メートル
パタヤ, Jomtien

販売価格 1 900 000バーツ    -   個人所有
18 000 バーツ/ヶ月
12 000 バーツ/ヶ月 一年間
Updated 12-9-2022

  • 階 - 5
  • バース・ルーム - 1
  • ビーチまでの距離 - 70 ;メートル
  • 海の景色: #
  • プール: 共同 プール
  • 警備員

  • エアコンディショナー - 1
  • 家具 全部
  • 台所
  • 電子レンジ
  • 電気/ガス・コンロ
  • 冷蔵庫
  • 洗濯機
  • テレビ
  • セーフティーボックス
  • インターネット WI-FI


    When renting from 3 months discount

    New 8 storey condominium NEOcondo @ PATTAYA
    50 meters from the sea and the beach Jomtien (Dongtan Beach)
    7 - 10 minutes by shuttle bus to the center of Pattaya and Volkin Street
    near the Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel
    The condominium has a separate access to the sea and Jomtien beach.

    In the complex and infrastructure:
    2 pools + 2 children’s pools
    Massage parlors
    The shops
    Free parking
    Beauty saloon
    SPA center
    Motorbike rental
    Car rent
    Speedboat rental
    Bicycle rent
    24 hour security
    Wi-Fi Internet

    STUDIO - 502 (34 sq.m) view of the pool
    Accommodation is possible 3 people

    1 WC / bathroom
    1 Air conditioner
    1 TV (plasma panel)
    1 DVD
    Electronic safe
    Cable TV
    Double bed (soft mattress)
    Single sofa bed
    Balcony with table and chairs
    Fully equipped kitchen
    Ironing board
    Hair dryer
    Beach towels
    Shower towels
    Silk bathrobes for the pool (free on request)
    Clothes dryer

    April - October - MONTH - 18,000 Baht
    November - MONTH - 20,000 Baht
    December - January - MONTH - 25,000 Baht
    February - March - MONTH - 20,000 Baht

    Included in cost:
    Minibar with non-alcoholic drinks upon arrival
    Thai wine upon arrival
    Thai beer upon arrival
    Coffee, tea upon arrival
    Toiletries on arrival
    Cable TV
    Internet in apartments (individual modem)

    Separately paid:
    Electricity - 5 Baht per 1 unit
    Water - 650 Baht per month
    Cleaning and washing after departure - 1,000 baht.

    Installment plan for 18 months.

    Foreign name, renewal of 50,000 baht from the buyer and seller. Installments for 18 months are possible.

    Payment immediately 1,000,000 Baht, call in and use the apartment. The balance is monthly for 18 months.

    The contract for the purchase of an installment apartment at a law firm in Pattaya is executed at the expense of the buyer 10,000 Baht.

    All conditions, terms, amounts are prescribed in the contract in the presence of the seller, buyer and witnesses. The execution of the installment contract is in Thai, English.

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    販売 賃貸 パタヤ Jomtien

    販売者:   -   Alex
    +66634869855 Alex
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    Thailand Investments, Pattaya
    from 1,700,000 baht

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    販売 賃貸 パタヤ Jomtien: スタジオ 37 平方メートル; 販売価格 - 1 900 000 バーツ    -   個人所有; 賃貸料金 - 18 000 バーツ/ヶ月
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