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March 21, 2019 09:36

販売 - Townhouse with direct access to the lovely Chackapong Beach

タウンハウス 4-寝室 189 平方メートル
ラヨーン, Baan Phe
土地面積 48 Wah   ( 1 Wah = 4 平方メートル )

販売価格 2 800 000バーツ    -   タイの会社
Updated 7-11-2018

  • 寝室 - 4
  • バース・ルーム - 3
  • ビーチまでの距離 - 30 ;メートル
  • 海の景色: 一部

  • エアコンディショナー - 3
  • 家具 一部
  • 台所
  • 冷蔵庫
  • インターネット ADSL

  • Townhouse right on the beautiful Chackapong beach

    This very spacious townhouse is in need of love and care of its future owners and is therefore sold at a very affordable price. Enjoy several balconies and wonderful 70 sqm roof terrace, only 30 meters to the beach

    A great opportunity to invest in a beachfront residence with great potential and fantastic location. The maintenance of the house has not been very good which gives you the opportunity to create a home at your own taste. Renovating in Thailand is very cheap compare to many western countries.

    FLOOR 1
    The ground floor consists of a spacious dining room with associated space suitable for decorating a kitchen. Behind this space is a bedroom and bathroom. storage space. From the dining room, a door leads out to a patio (Thai kitchen) which is located at the backyard of the house.

    FLOOR 2
    A tall wooden staircase leads up to the spacious living room. High ceilings and nice marble floors characterize the room as well as a large balcony overlooking the lush surroundings. In the back part, a half-step up there is a smaller room – suitable as a office. bedroom. There is also a bathroom and a smaller balcony.

    FLOOR 3
    The staircase leads on to the third floor. On the whole floor there is a solid wood floor that is reversible. Here are two bedrooms. Both have a private balcony. The larger bedroom has its own entrance to the marble bathroom.

    From 3th floor, the stairs finally end up to the 70 sqm huge roof terrace, which is made for barbecue parties with your friends and family. Enjoy a striking view.

    Worth noting is the generous use of exclusive materials throughout the house. Stairs and rails in solid wood, marble floors in living room and bathroom as well as wooden floor in the bedroom and hall. 38 sqm balcony area and 70 sqm roof terrace area in addition to the specified living area.

    販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe
    販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe

    販売者:  0878952810 Peter Ekfeldt
    使用言語:    - English - Norsk



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    Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya
    Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya

    Townhouse with direct access to the lovely Chackapong Beach 販売 ラヨーン Baan Phe: タウンハウス 4-寝室 189 平方メートル; 販売価格 - 2 800 000 バーツ    -   タイの会社
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